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If you own a property in Chennai, Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam, which you think will be apt for a Happy Days License or Associate please get in touch with us. Share the location of your property and your details and we will review your offer get back to you with a proposal.

Please email your reply with answers to the questions below: (Give as much information as possible to speed up the proposal)

1. Location and Address of Property

2. Proximity to Hospitals (Distance in kilo meters)

3. Is it an independent house or an apartment?

4. What is the size (in sq. ft.)

5. Number of bedrooms & attached bathrooms with sizes

6. Sizes of living room, dining room, kitchen, store, wash area, etc.

7. Are servants quarters available? If yes, the size/s.

8. Is car parking available? If yes, is it open or covered?

9. Common area available and useable with details and sizes

10. Whether you would be staying at the property and sharing or letting it out entirely?

11. If it is an apartments, how many apartments are there in the building complex? In case of apartments, specify the floor and other relevant details such as lifts, power back-up, wheelchair access, etc. 

12. Photos of the exterior and interior of the property