Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is UNIQUE about Happy Days ?
The Happy Days concept is different from other Senior Citizens products available in the market today.  Unlike other facilities for seniors, you don’t live in a large complex housing many seniors. The Happy Days concept means living in a HOMELY atmosphere along with ONLY 3 or 4 couples.  You live in a self contained house or an apartment NOT a large community of elders.
2. What is my initial capital investment?
Unlike the products  available in the market you need not invest Rs. 60/80 lakhs for a 2 bedroom apartment located faraway from the city center. You pay only for monthly maintenance and applicable taxes. Your capital is safe with you and continues to generate a monthly income for you.
A deposit equal to 3 months maintenance costs will be required.
3. What is the difference between Elegant and Deluxe packages?
The difference is mainly in the quality of accommodation. Deluxe packages typically offer larger living spaces with better ambiance. All other facilities and services are identical for both packages.
4. I’m not 65 as yet, can I join too?
On a case by case basis we can make exceptions. Do let us know what your specific reasons for wanting a shared living with  seniors are.

5. What is my initial investment?
You will have to place a 3 months refundable interest free deposit. Rs. 10,000 application fee is non refundable.

6. Who owns Happy Days? 
Happy Days is a NPO (Non Profit Organisation). Funds and fees collected are usually just sufficient to cover costs.