Affordable living

Establishing a ground up facility takes time and be very expensive in these days of spiraling costs. In order to avoid significant capital outlay, reduce costs and while reducing time to market, Happy Days proposes an affordable alternatives through its three phase development programme. 

· Stage 1 – Independent Living in Shared Accommodation.

· Stage 2 – Introduction of Assisted Living facilities along with Independent Living.

· Stage 3 – Custom designed buildings and facilities for Senior Citizens at Happy Days properties.

If you are living in a 3 or 4 bedrooms house or apartment and can spare two or three bedrooms for fellow senior couples to share, Happy Days will assist you in running the home with your existing help or find trained housekeepers/ cooks/ drivers/ security personnel if you don’t have paid help at hand. In case you want to let out your existing accommodation and move to an existing Happy Days facility, we will locate one for you that meets your requirements.

Fully furnished, high quality facilities are offered at Happy Days. We take care of all your needs right from Security Services, Housekeeping, Catering & Dining, and Cars & Drivers. With a central location Happy Days is in the close vicinity of good Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Cinemas and entertainment centres.